Marlen Reusser secures top spot in the 2023 European Championships Time Trial

In a spectacular showcase of talent and endurance, the European Cycling Championships in Drenthe, UK, saw three remarkable women dominate their respective categories.

Elite Championship: Marlen Reusser’s Impeccable Performance

Swiss time-trial specialist, Marlen Reusser, emerged triumphant in the 29-kilometre course around Emmen. Not even a powerful southern wind could deter her as she raced the flat terrain. Starting from the Wildlands Zoo in Emmen, and finishing slightly outside, Reusser demonstrated her prowess and delivered as the pre-race favourite. Anna Henderson secured second place, with Christina Schweinberger taking home the bronze. The Elite European Championship was not without its controversies; Reusser’s choice of attire raised eyebrows. She donned unusually high socks, contrary to official UCI regulations which stipulate sock length shouldn’t exceed half of the lower leg. Moreover, she was also missing the official race number. But regardless of these anomalies, she was celebrated as the victor, marking her third European Championship time-trial win, coincidentally on her 32nd birthday.

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U23 Championship: Zoe Backstedt’s Dominant Ride

Zoe Backstedt, hailing from the UK and the daughter of former pro-cyclist Magnus Bäckstedt, reaffirmed her favourite status by securing the European title for the U23 women. Her impeccable performance clocked her at an average speed of 48.63 km/h, finishing almost a minute faster than Germany’s Antonia Niedermaier. Finland’s Anniina Ahtosalo secured the third spot, narrowly defeating Slovakia’s Nora Jenčušová by a mere two seconds. Julie De Wilde of Belgium secured a sixth-place finish, while the top Dutch contender was Maud Rijnbeek, who came in eighth.

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Junior Championship: Federica Venturelli’s Assertive Win

In the Junior women’s category, Italy’s Federica Venturelli lived up to her reputation as the one to watch. The 18-year-old set the best time early in the race and maintained her lead throughout. With a finish time of 26:24, she outpaced her closest competitor, Stina Kagevi of Sweden, by over 20 seconds. Germany’s Hannah Kunz claimed the bronze, finishing slightly over half a minute behind Venturelli.

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