Meet some of the Lotto Soudal students!


While the WorldTeam is in Spain for the team training camp the Ladies and U23 riders are not only training at home or abroad, but some of them are also studying! Among other Alana Castrique (21), Lone Meertens (22) and Steven Pattyn (20) are studying for their exams right now. Apart from wanting to realize their dream of becoming a cyclist they also want to get their academic degree. Time to get to know our students a little better!

Alana Castrique

Studies: Physiotherapy

School: College of Tournai

Number of exams: 7

Favourite subject: Manual Therapy in sports

Favourite place to study: At home

Relax with: Sport: running, fitness or of course cycling

The lockdown: I have been withstanding the lockdown pretty well. I can more easily combine school and cycling now.

Lone Meertens

Studies: Civil Engineer (Master in Energy)

School: KULeuven

Number of exams: 5

Favourite subject: Power Electronics

Favourite place to study: At my student home

Relax with: I sport, cook or watch Netflix.

The lockdown: It were all online lessons and that way it was more easily to combine my trainings and studies the past months.

Steven Pattyn

Studies: Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy (musculoskeletal conditions)

School: University of Antwerp

Number of exams: 7

Favourite subject: Physiology

Favourite place to study: I can study everywhere, but best in a room without stimuli that could distract, like fellow students or high-tech material.

Relax with: I relax best by listening to music from the eighties, I especially love Dire Straits. A short training or core stability session is also good to unwind. Or I listen to a fun podcast during my breaks.

The lockdown: The lockdown is hard for everyone. But I suffer from severe fatigue as a consequence of COVID, which I incurred a while ago. This makes it all the more dull because I can’t do much.

Lotto Soudal wishes all students the best of luck with the exams!