Natalie Midtsveen joins Team Hitec Products – Birk Sport

Natalie Midtsveen: “i Learned A Lot In Such A Short Time”

Team Hitec Products – Birk Sport has added Natalie Midtsveen to their 2020 rost. The 18 years young Norwegian rider is the fourth addition to the team after fellow countrywoman Silje Mathisen, Mieke Kröger from Germany and Greta Richioud from France. Midtsveen already raced with the in 2019 in the Tour de Belle Isle en Terre – Kreiz Breizh Elites Dames.

“For my development as a rider this is a good step for me to take”, Midtsveen says. “I already raced with Team Hitec Products – Birk Sport in France and also joined the team in the Sparkassen Giro. The team welcomed me in a very warm way and I am looking forward to race with them in 2020. I hope I can help the team in a good way during next season.”