Our Diversity and Inclusion programme and new staff members

Since starting in 2016, CANYON//SRAM Racing has set standards in women’s cycling by continuously striving for the top. Besides being a well-respected and high-performing sports team, CANYON//SRAM Racing also stands for and promotes open-mindedness, tolerance, respect and team spirit. Now it is time to renew this commitment and to expand this attitude by putting a stronger focus on the topic of Diversity and Inclusion.

To do so, CANYON//SRAM Racing has developed a comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion programme that is now being implemented with the team over the course of the next three years. The programme does not only include measures to create awareness and continuing education on the topic of Diversity and Inclusion but also personal and team development as well as long-term strategic consideration to the development and hiring of diverse talents. These measures ensure the team becomes more diverse and inclusive over time.

Diversity & Inclusion at CANYON//SRAM Racing

“We are convinced that working on these topics is the way to improve and sustain our performance in the long run and to drive the change in the sport of cycling. To succeed as a team, we need different skills, talents, experiences and perspectives. We have set ambitious goals to make CANYON//SRAM Racing a more diverse and inclusive team. Showing how this helps a team succeed will also attract more diverse talents and change our sport over time,” explained Ronny Lauke, Team Manager.

The Diversity & Inclusion programme at CANYON//SRAM Racing started with the team at the end of 2020. The training camps at the beginning of this year will be used to gain momentum and to drive the topic forward.

New members at CANYON//SRAM Racing

To achieve these goals CANYON//SRAM Racing is happy to have new experts on board who will accompany the team on this path. Christine Kalkschmid is an experienced Diversity and Inclusion and team development expert. After having developed the programme together with the team, her goal now is to continuously refine and implement the programme. Kalkschmid joins both training camps in January and February to work with the riders and the team.

“I am looking forward to getting to know the riders and the staff personally after our online meetings and I am more than happy to support the team on this important path with all my knowledge and experience,” said Kalkschmid.

Alan Murchison joins as the team’s professional chef. His focus is, of course, to fuel the team to best support the performance and recovery of high performing female athletes, but to also take into account the personal dietary requirements based on the preferences and diverse backgrounds of all team members.

Previously announced new riders, Neve Bradbury, Elise Chabbey, Chloé Dygert and Mikayla Harvey have added strength to the climbing group of CANYON//SRAM Racing and made the team more tactically versatile. The rider group as a whole is willing to invest in its future and the future of cycling by breaking new grounds and constantly challenging themselves and their competitors.

“The combination of the new riders and staff along with the existing members, brings in different backgrounds, experiences and knowledge, and new enthusiasm to the team. With our long-term commitment to our Diversity and Inclusion programme, we have taken important steps towards our ambitious goals,” said Lauke.