Petra Stiasny a young Swiss promise in the international peloton


Her name is Petra Stiasny, she was born in the city of Wädenswil, Zurich, Switzerland. At 19 years old, her main objective is to become a professional cyclist. In the year 2020, despite the pandemic, Petra Stiasny always remained active in the sports part. One year after starting in this difficult sport of cycling, the Swiss Petra Stiasny is already attracting attention in the multicoloured women’s peloton.

Petra Stiasny tells in her resume the following: “Since I was a child I was quite active, I swam and did athletics”, where she regularly participated in races. “I started in the discipline of Triathlon and since the spring of 2020 I am focusing completely on the bicycle”.

Then Petra Stiasny continues “After the quarantine when there were races again in summer, I was able to collect my first experiences in cycling competitions. In addition to some smaller local races, I also had the opportunity to compete in some more important races such as the high mountain events: Martigny-Mauvoisin, Giubiasco-Carena or Chur-Arosa ”.

She also adds “I competed mainly in mountain races, in all those that I could win”, relates with pride Petra Stiasny. Then she continues “My strength is clearly climbing. I finished my season (2020), participating in the Elite category of the Swiss Road Championship ”, Petra Stiasny adds,“ In the Swiss Championship I was able to race against a very strong peloton, where I could finish in the eleventh position of the prestigious test “.

The next weeks of March and first of April will be very busy for Petra Stiasny, her participation begins on March 21 at the Alfredo Binda Trophy in Italy, and then she will move to Belgium to compete in the great Belgian classics, on March 25 she will run the test “AG Driedaagse Brugge-De Panne”, then on March 31 she will participate in the classic “A travers la Flandre”, then on April 7 she will run another of the great cycling tests known as “Scheldeprijs vrouwen”, Petra Stiasny will compete all the those tests in the Elite category.

Among her main objectives, Petra Stiasny tells us: “My objective is to develop myself in cycling and to do it professionally”. The young Swiss Petra Stiasny ends. Since this year, Petra Stiasny has become part of the Cogeas Mettler Look team, where we give her the warmest welcome.