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Practice makes perfect

CX legend Sven Nys offers skill challenges for home training

In the cyclocross off-season, and in a time when many people need to keep their distance, you might be looking for a little motivation to train on your own. CX powerhouse Sven Nys has a couple ideas for you.

“We created these online challenges and academy to motivate kids and young athletes,” Sven said. “Off-road cycling is not only riding fast, it’s also riding smart. You need a lot of skills to take it to the next level.”

Try out the tricks that Sven and his son junior CX world champion Thibau Nys demonstrate below to have some fun and up your game on the CX course.

The Wheelie

[embedded content]

Bicycle Soccer

Need to stay at home? No problem. No teammates required to practice the tricky moves needed to play bicycle soccer on your own before inviting someone to play a real match.

“Normally we have already started our program at the Sven Nys Academy this time of year, but due to coronavirus we created a plan B that includes encouraging skill building at home with these videos,” Sven said.

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