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The president of the Cogeas group, sponsor and founder of said team for more than 20 years, Rubén Contreras Schweizer will give all financial guarantees to the UCI so that the team made up of 10 international riders represents the Swiss colors of our team and Swiss and foreign sponsors that accompany us.

These days during the Olympic Games we had the opportunity to achieve a 5th place with Amber Neben in the individual chrono and a 9th place on the route with Olga Zabelinskaya, we hope to achieve a medal on the track for these next few days with 3 more athletes from our team and with Valère Thiebaud in the men’s category, who is part of our “Espoirs” men’s team and who is a young and great promise of Swiss cycling, this year he is triple Swiss U23 champion and Elite in chrono and route.

Its promotion to the WOMEN WORLD TOUR category and to the Top of the cycling world is due to its multiple sporting successes through the four years since its foundation, the team has participated in the best races of the UCI calendar achieving successful participations in Turkey, Thailand, Sweden, Norway, Tour of California, China, France, Belgium, Tchequia, Chypre, Italy, Finland, Hungary, Austria, Spain en route and track.

In addition to the Women World Tour Team, based in Lausanne, “Capitale Olympique”, we will have a continental female team supporting 10 young female riders in training and a male U23 team with 12 Swiss riders, making a total of 32 riders enrolled in Swiss Cycling.

We would like to thank our riders, staff and sponsors who have been with us for many years and we hope to be able to encourage other Swiss brands sponsors to join us in this fabulous adventure.


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