A new chapter begins for FDJ


Aujourd’hui un nouveau chapitre s’ouvre pour l’équipe

SUEZ is committed alongside the FDJ group and becomes the main co-sponsor of the first French team of the UCI Women’s World Tour (WWT) for three years. The FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope team will become FDJ-SUEZ-Futuroscope from July 15, 2022, then FDJ-SUEZ in 2023.

A major player in environmental services for more than 160 years, SUEZ naturally made the choice of cycling, support for women’s sport and excellence by joining forces with the team of Stephen Delcourt, its general manager.

At the same time, FDJ is announcing the extension until 2025 of its partnership with the team that the Group has supported since 2017. Futuroscope and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, historical partners of the team, will also continue to support it.

With the support of these two major French groups, FDJ and SUEZ, the team will present itself, from July 24, 2022, on the roads of the first Tour de France Women with Zwift.

The team’s obtaining of the UCI Women’s World Tour license in 2020 marked an essential step, opening up new sporting objectives for it at the highest level in the world. FDJ-SUEZ will thus align itself with the major cycling races of the coming seasons, with the ambition of consolidating its status as the leading French team, as well as its ranking among the three best teams in the UCI WWT world ranking.

The choice of a sport accessible to all and respectful of the environment

Cycling is for many the first sport learned as a child, the first means of transport for adolescents, one of the sources of escape in adulthood, a trauma-free sport whose practice is recommended by doctors, and a popular means of transport. . It is also an environmentally friendly practice: a third of cyclists associate respect for the environment with their cycling; this figure rises to 44% among women.

SUEZ operates across the entire value chain in the water and waste management businesses, in France and internationally, and thus contributes to improving the health of the populations served, preserving their environment, as well as only to regenerate the resources essential to their life.

Support for women’s sport

SUEZ and FDJ are committed to gender diversity and the promotion of equal opportunities between women and men.

With its “Sport for Women” programme launched in 2016, FDJ is a major player in women’s sport. In line with its renewed commitment to inclusion and diversity, SUEZ in turn wishes to contribute to the transformation of women’s cycling and support the development of women’s sports.

Proximity to the territories

FDJ and SUEZ are two large French companies present throughout the national territory. FDJ has the largest distribution network in France. As close as possible to citizens, SUEZ acts every day, throughout the territory, in the service of the circular economy.

The FDJ-SUEZ-Futuroscope team travels the roads of France all year round, but also those of Europe, China and Australia. So many territories in which SUEZ teams operate and deliver environmental services by meeting the needs of communities, businesses and individuals

Sabrina Soussan, Chief Executive Officer of the SUEZ group: “Our support for this young and very talented team is perfectly consistent with our environmental services businesses, our commitments to inclusion and diversity, and our close relationship with the regions. A common state of mind drives us: to write a new page in our history with the desire to win. The 35,000 SUEZ employees will be proud to see our colours worn so well. We will be, alongside FDJ, an involved, solid and enthusiastic partner.”

Stéphane Pallez, Chairman and CEO of the FDJ group : “FDJ has been a partner of cycling for more than 25 years. A few weeks before the Tour de France Women, we are delighted to welcome SUEZ both as co-sponsor of the women’s team and to announce the extension of our partnership until 2025. FDJ and SUEZ are two major French companies present throughout the country, which are joining forces to make French women’s cycling shine. In addition, it is a strong signal for women’s sport.”

Stephen Delcourt, Manager of the team FDJ-SUEZ-Futuroscope : “Within an ever more competitive women’s peloton and in view of the Tour de France Women with Zwift, the most important cycling race of the year, the support of SUEZ and FDJ, alongside our historical partners, will be key to achieving the team’s highest level of performance. The path travelled since the creation of the team in 2006 is a source of immense pride. We are pursuing this human and sporting adventure with strong motivation and great ambitions. “