French cyclo-cross champion, Amandine Fouquenet will start her road season this Sunday at the Omloop Van in Westhoek, Belgium.

“Want to run”
I rested for a few weeks after the cyclo-cross season and the U21 World Championship which I contested with the French team. Now, I can’t wait to resume the road season, to meet my teammates and the entire Arkéa Pro Cycling Team collectiveI missed it, even though I know I had to take a break between the two winter and spring-summer seasons”.

“I like Belgian races”
I enjoy the Belgian races, and I am happy to resume at Omloop Van de Westhoek. I watched the Samyn and Oetingen Grand Prix on television, and I could see the level on these two events: all the teams and the girls are ready! I do not yet know at what level I will evolve, but I can not wait to hang up a bib on my Arkéa Pro Cycling Team jersey”.

After the title of Champion of France

“I think that obtaining my titles of Champion of France allowed me to pass a course. Now we will have to see what this will generate in terms of results. I feel good psychologically anyway. I am waiting to see what it will give on the road before deciding in terms of objectives. One thing is certain, I will help the team on the events where I will not feel able to perform, and on those where I could do it, why not try my luck ”.


Typhaine Laurance: “  We had a good resumption of the season on the Het Nieuwsblad and the Grand Prix Samyn, but Oetingen went less well. It was our galley race of the year, we all hope so! We can achieve great things collectively this weekend, in the types of races that suit us. I like the races in Belgium because they require positioning, concentration, as well as power and strength ”.


Franck Renimel: ” This is the first time that we will compete in the Omloop Van de Westhoek, this race is in line with the Grand Prix Samyn, with a paved section of one kilometre. The route breaks down like this, a first part in a line of about fifty kilometres, then following a circuit to be covered ten times. It will be a placement event, it will be windswept and the decision will be made with wear and tear. The idea is already not to reproduce the mistakes of Oetingen, and that we progress. May our runners move forward. That they do not get tricked. This competition will also allow us to finalize our selection for Paris-Roubaix women. We are going to Ichtegem with the intention of performing well, with the objective of placing one of our runners in the top ten. We have the means to achieve it,

 The composition of the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team for the Omloop Van in Westhoek on March 21, 2021

Chalotte Becker (Germany), Amandine Fouquenet, Lucie Jounier, Typhaine Laurance, Marie-Morgane Le Deunff, Gréta Richioud, Gladys Verhulst 

Sports director: Franck Renimel