The APB Junior Women Development Team was founded in 2018. The team has won several national titles, a European and a world title. In 2021 the team will continue as the NXTG U19 Development Team. This way we want to strengthen the ties between the two teams. Of the 2021 NXTG Racing Team five riders came through the ranks of the APB Junior Women Development Team: Britt Knaven, Cathalijne Hoolwerf, Rozemarijn Ammerlaan, Ilse Pluimers and Maud Rijnbeek. 

The members of the 2021 NXTG U19 Development Team are Cecilia van Zuthem, Silke Blei, Nienke Veenhoven, Nienke Vinke, Maureen Arens, Senne and Mirre Knaven. The Sports director will be Wim Stroetinga.

You can follow the latest news of the NXTG U19 Development Team on Facebook.