Biehler Krush and Talent Elabo in Trophée des Grimpeuses and Klimomloop Ulestraten


Another busy weekend for the TALENT Elabo Development Team and Biehler Krush Pro Cycling. It will be a weekend in which especially the climbers will get their money’s worth

For Biehler Krush Pro Cycling, the weekend starts with a race in the south of Belgium. Inez Beijer, Laura van Regenmortel, Maike van der Duin, Marissa Baks, Quinty Ton, Roos Hoogeboom and Senna Feron will ride the Trophée des Grimpeuses (roughly translated: climbing star trophy) on Saturday 19 September.

This new race on the UCI calendar with start and finish in Vresse-sur-Semois is 105.4 kilometres long. The race is divided into two laps of 42.6 kilometres and two laps of 9.9 kilometres. This course is suitable for a very tough race, sports director Hans Blom also knows: “It is not a single meter flat and there are many mountain rushes in the course, divided into first, second and third category climbs. It is important to be on right from the start. ”

The next day, all TALENT Cycling teams will ride in Ulestraten, where the annual Klimomloop is fortunately again on the program. “We are happy with every race that can be held this year, and we always like to come to Ulestraten. Our compliments for the organization, because organising a competition at this time is not easy. “The circuit of the Klimomloop has a length of 6.1 kilometres and it is actually not a meter flat. An un-Dutch race, but that’s what makes this race so much fun. ”

The novices and juniors will start at 10am for a race over 70.1 kilometres or twelve laps. The finish is expected around 12 noon. The elite women’s competition starts at 1.30 p.m. Around 5.30 pm the ladies have completed 123.9 kilometres.