Bronze for Ingvild Gaskjenn at Norwegian championships


The road race of the Norwegian championships have resulted in a third place for Ingvild Gaskjenn. In a sprint for the second place, she only saw Emilie Moberg finishing in front of her. Five seconds before them, Vita Hein crossed the finish as the winner. In the final she rode away from a fourteen riders breakaway, in which Anne Dorthe Ysland also was present for Team Coop – Hitec Products.

“We came for the win, so of course we are a bit disappointed”, Ingvild looked back at the race. “But the positive thing is that we worked very well together today and everybody did what they could.” Where Ingvild took the podium spot, Anne Dorthe got a tenth place at the finish and with that a second place in the U23 category. Heine and Moberg are both former riders of the team.

During the race, Team Coop – Hitec Products tried to make the others work as well. Mari Hole Mohr was in a breakaway of three riders. Ingvild: “The situation with Mari in the break was perfect. We wanted the break to stay away, but some other riders had other plans. At least we got a podium spot for our work, so I will say it was an okay day!”

Germany and Sweden
Norway was not the only country where Team Coop – Hitec Products was active. In Germany it was a very hard race, with big time gaps, while only a bit more than a third of the riders got to the finish. Behind winner Lisa Brennauer, also a former Team Hitec Products rider, Mieke Kröger ended in 22nd place. Christa Riffel finished 29th. On Saturday Caroline Andersson did well in the Swedish road race, until she crashed out of the race with two laps to go.

The elite podium of the Norwegian championships, with Ingvild at place 3.
The podium of the U23 at the Norwegian championships, with Anne Dorthe at place 2.

Photo top: @mlandpictures