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Coffee Talk with Ryan Mullen


What is your favorite coffee ride?

I don’t really have one anymore, but when I used to live in North Wales, I’d go out with my friend. There was a loop we used to do all the time, it’s only about an hour and a half, but it had a pretty famous climb in it. We’d stop in a seaside town called Conway at a small coffee shop, and they always had these insane coconut chocolate slices. I’d always put away about three of these before riding home – but then I’d have to go the long way back to burn them off again!


How has your daily life changed in the time of this pandemic?

Life has changed quite a lot and it was a struggle with finding routine at first. Luckily, I’d recently moved apartments, so I had been pretty busy. However, in training, it was quite hard to want to hurt yourself when you didn’t know when you would be racing again. 


Now that we have an all-clear to return to racing in a few months, and the lockdown in Spain has been lifted, the motivation has returned. But at the start, when we already had one period of lockdown for two weeks, and then they extended it further, it was a big blow to the morale.


I learned to become more time-efficient on the turbo. In the mornings, I was doing an easy hour and a half, and in the afternoon, two hours of intervals, so in the end, I got about three and a half hours of riding per day. I applied the roller rule – three and a half hours on the rollers is the equivalent of seven hours outside, so I think I’m ahead of the game.


How do you invest your free time at home?

Netflix. And the fridge. That’s about it.


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