ELABO Club Time Trial Championship 2021


Last weekend it was on the programme for the first time: the Elabo Club Championships, with the individual time trial last Saturday. This was held near Zevenhuizen, around the Willem-Alexander Rowing course. A total of three laps were completed against the clock over a length of 5.6km.

From 9.30am it was possible to test out the route to get it set in everyone’s mind as well as possible until 10am – the first starting shot was sounded for our U17 rider Suzanne Mulder. From 10.15am all U19 riders were allowed to take turns to start and at 10.25 it was the Elites without a contract. With a pleasant temperature but a fresh, strong wind, all the ladies were tense at the start.

After a fierce battle, Zoë van Velzen managed to win the time trial in her class in a time of 28.30 ahead of Fien Winters (29.00) and Deirdre Mens (29.14). In the U19 race, the win went to Nina Maathuis in 25.12. She managed to stay ahead of Maud Oudeman (25.34) and Willemijn Prins (25.47). The time of Nina Maathuis also turned out to be good for a second fastest time overall, which is very good for an U19 rider.