Gaia Masetti wins 2023 La Classique Morbihan

Gaia Masetti La Classique Morbihan 2023

Italian Gaia Masetti took her first pro win at the 2023 La Classique Morbihan, part of a weekend of racing in Morbihan and a week of racing in Brittany. Josie Talbot got the attacking underway at the start, with the Aussie getting a gap for a while. The peloton wasn’t keen to see the former Oceania champion get away for long though and caught her again, despite a crash that affected Omloop van Borsele winner Linda Zanetti.

Jess Finney and Lorelei Vachey were the next riders to try their luck but once again they weren’t given much of an advantage and were caught too. A period of neutralisation followed due to slippy road conditions and a further organised slowing of the bunch for another section was also necessary. Both sections were passed without issue.

More attacks from Marit Raaijmakers and Alice Palazzi were made and ended before Marte Berg Edseth launched a move that for a time looked to be the winning one. The Uno-X rider held off the peloton until the final 3km to go where she got swept up. And so we headed for a sprint, although Uno-X hampered their chances with a crash on the penultimate corner. Romy Kasper launched Gaia Masetti perfectly for the win.

“It was a hard race. I have to say immediately that I have this win thanks to my teammates. They were so dedicated to me. As a team we raced aggressively all day. Romy was our captain but she was unlucky with punctures so we talked and the girls had faith in me.

In the last lap there was one attacker and my teammates did a really impressive job to catch her. In the penultimate corner, just before the finish climb, there was a crash. Me and the other rider avoided the crash. Romy said to me on the radio; go now Gigi! I did and I won. I am so proud of how we rode together. We were all so strong! I am still a bit speechless that I won because I knew my form was good but I didn’t see this coming.”

Gaia Masetti

“It was hectic from the beginning. Anya crashed out after three kilometers in a big crash. We were down to five but we kept working together. In the first crosswinds we tried to split but it wasn’t working. No teams helped us there. The race was even neutralised and then we had a headwind and nothing happened.

On the local laps I attacked and the others tried too. That was also the plan. No attack made it to the line so we decided to go for Gaia in the final sprint and it worked out! This was a nice birthday. Personally, I had two flat tires and didn’t like the rain so much but we win as a team and that counts!”

Romy Kasper

2023 La Classique Morbihan

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