Grant Thornton-Krush Bikes-Tunap Sports shows fighting spirit in the gruelling final stage Healthy Aging Tour


The first multi-day season of the season is over for Grant Thornton-Krush Bikes-Tunap Sports. With no fewer than two top ten rankings, the team can look back on the Healthy Aging Tour with a good feeling. The teamwork shown gives even more cause for joy and pride.

“It was a tough day today”, Quinty Ton looks back briefly on the epic final stage. “In any case, I know again what suffering is. I will never say again that I am cold. I was shivering for half an hour after the finish… ”

Ton could not suppress a bit of disappointment after the finish. A crash and two bicycle changes prevented a good result. “That crash happened just when things got faster. I was really comfortable in it and there was only a small platoon left. I saw that a lot of riders had already finished and I still felt quite good. I had hoped to be able to finish in this group, but just then I crashed. ”

Ton had to continue on her way badly, but her morals were not broken. “I had to change bikes, then I could jump out of a group and ride to another group. Ultimately, this was the last group to finish the race. It is a shame about that fall, but I am proud that I persisted despite the bad luck. ”

“Everyone suffered very hard”

The very tough 2.1-day event in the north of the Netherlands was the first game of the season for the team. Ton praises the development and fighting spirit of her teammates. “Everyone suffered very hard. We have made good use of each other’s strengths. That means that there was not a very nice result for everyone, but that is what you need to be able to perform as a team. I think we can be proud of how we have shown ourselves! ”“During the match we also became a lot closer as a team. We have started to communicate even better. Daniek was immediately behind a crash today, so we started waiting for her because she was very high in the rankings. That went very smoothly. It was immediately: I wait, I wait and we drive back. That’s what you want to see and it happened today. It is great that we handled it that way. ” 

For Ton, her next match soon follows. The GP Oetingen (1.2) is on the calendar for Sunday 14 March. But first it is time to recover after a very tough race: “I’m already looking forward to sleep tonight, haha!”