NXTG Racing Teamwork in Omloop van de Westhoek


On Sunday Rozemarijn, Ilse, Cathalijne, Catalina, Emily, Maud and Britt rode in Belgium at Omloop van de Westhoek. The team showed a good team effort with Catalina coming in 28th, Ilse 34th, Emily 36th, Britt 66th and Rozemarijn 76th. Emily looks back at a windy day in western Flanders:

We knew it was going to be full gas after the neutral start when we hit the crosswinds. It was and eventually, echelons started to form. I actually was positioned really well and I made it into the first group but I was in the gutter and eventually lost the wheel. I waited for the second echelon which had four riders of the team in it. It was a small group and eventually, we were joined by the third group. 

Once we got to the finishing laps it calmed down a lot and many riders made it back to our group. Over the cobbles included in every lap we rode as a team near the front in case any moves went away, but it was fairly calm. Catalina was really strong so she attacked over the cobbles and held it to the line on the final lap. For the rest of us it was full gas over the cobbles and into the sprint of our group. I would have liked to have been further up in the sprint but also I can’t complain as it’s big progress from my last races! 

This race really showed I’m finding my race legs so I’m happy.