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Race Report: Talent Cycling wins the Club Competition

Win for Talent Cycling! In the third stage of the Club Competition, the team managed to win the team classification. This happened in a rainy course, where Biehler Krush Pro Cycling was in charge.

Organizing competitions in Corona times is a huge challenge. But in order to be able to race, the Dutch teams, led by MtD de Waardrenner, joined forces to organize a smaller version of the Club competition.

In three stages there was a competition on club courses, in which a total of 130 different riders participated. At stake was a team classification, for which the best three riders counted every stage.

At the start of the third stage, Talent Cycling was in second place behind Jan van Arckel, the team that managed to win the real Club competition in recent years. 

It was going to be a hard rain race, where it was Biehler Krush Pro Cyling that made the race hard. Maike van der Duin in particular turned out to have very good legs. For a long time she was part of a dangerous leading group with Marielle Meijering (WV de Kannibaal) and Elisa Serne (Restore Cycling). 

The many attacks were eventually all taken back, so we got a sprint from a thinned peloton. Here Melissa van der Peet (Mtd De Waardrenner) was the surprising winner for Maike van der Duin who also had a sprint in his legs.

It was quick to calculate behind that. Elizabeth Nuspan, Marit Wasmus and Myrthe Willemsen all drove to a short result, so that Talent Cycling managed to grab enough points to drag the team classification. 

For 18-year-old Elizabeth Nuspan, there was extra to celebrate. She won the individual classification for Maike Colje from Restore Cycling. Sharon Dommanschet, also part of Talent Cycling, took third place. Myrthe Willemsen grabbed just next to the podium.

Results Stage 3

1. Melissa van der Peet (Mtd – The Valuer)

2. Maike van der Duin (Biehler Krush Pro Cycling) nt

3. Kim Baptista (Restore Cycling) zt

4. Quinty Ton (Biehler Krush Pro Cycling) nt

10. Elizabeth Nuspan (Talent Cycling) zt

Marit Wasmus (Talent Cycling) zt

17. Melanie Klement (Biehler Krush Pro Cycling) zt

19. Sharon Dommanschet (Memorial Santos / Talent Cycling) zt

21. Myrthe Willemsen (Talent Cycling) zt

22. Norah Minck (Talent Cycling) zt

24. Fleur van der Peet (Talent Cycling) zt

26. Carola van der Wetering (Talent Cycling) zt

Photo: Hans Steekers

Individual Classification

1. Elizabeth Nuspan (Talent Cycling) – 21 points

2. Maike Colje (Restore Cycling) – 27 points

3. Sharon Dommanschet (Memorial Santos / Talent Cycling) – 31 points

4. Myrthe Willemsen (Talent Cycling) – 41 points

5. Eltina van Wijk (RSC de Zuidwesthoek) – 56 points

6. Elisa Serne (Restore Cycling) – 57 points

7. Hanneke Mulder (Jan van Arckel) – 59 points

8. Carola van der Wetering (Talent Cycling) – 69 points

9. Fleur van der Peet (Talent Cycling) – 69 points

10. Marjolein van ‘t Geloof (Drops Cycling) – 71 points

Team classification

1. Talent Cycling – 113 points

2. Jan van Arckel – 121 points

3. Restore Cycling – 123 points

4. Cycle Capital – 133 points

5. Mtd de Waardrenner – 177 points

6. WV Schijndel – 220 points

7. Biehler Krush Pro Cycling – 233 points

8. Memorial Santos – 241 points

9. RSC de Zuidwesthoek – 266 points

10. RWC Ahoy – 268 points


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