Roland Cycling Team secures future with new five-year sponsorship deal


The future of the women’s Roland Cycling Team is assured until at least the end of 2029, following the signing of a new five-year deal with its main sponsors, Roland and Cogeas. This announcement guarantees continued support and stability for the team, which aims to nurture young talent and promote the growth of women’s cycling.

In an official team statement, Roland Cycling Team expressed their excitement about the prolonged agreement. “With this prolonged agreement from our main sponsors, we managed to create a solid project that contributes to the growth of professionalism in women’s cycling, which is unstoppable since the last years,” the statement read. The team emphasised their commitment to providing opportunities for young cyclists to develop both individually and collectively, highlighting the absence of a clear team leader as a chance for all riders to shine.

Currently, the team boasts twelve riders, including the renowned Anna Kiesenhofer, the reigning Olympic road race champion. Other notable names in the lineup are Tamara Dronova, Antri Christoforou, and Dutch rider Sylvie Swinkels.

The team’s approach is holistic, aiming for improvements across all areas of cycling. “It makes no difference in which area. We try to improve on all fronts. In the absence of a clear leader, everyone within the team gets the chance to develop both individually and as part of the team,” the team statement continued. This philosophy underscores their dedication to working with young cyclists and guiding them towards becoming top riders in the international peloton.

The Roland Cycling Team, as a World Tour team, has the advantage of competing in the best races globally. Their calendar is enriched with a mix of top-tier events and other second or third-level races, providing a comprehensive competitive schedule from January to October.

The entire team, from management to staff, is fully committed to its riders and the future project. This endeavour would not be possible without the support of all its sponsors, including Roland, Cogeas, Pinarello, Q365, Vision, Elite, FSA, Limar, Blub, and Switzerland for Life. The team expressed their gratitude for the continued trust and support from these partners.