Sara Martín will continue to progress in Movistar Team: renew until 2025

Sara Martín seguirá progresando en Movistar Team: renueva hasta 2025

Three extra campaigns to give the best

The Arandina (23 years old) will continue in the WorldTour for the next three seasons after leaving multiple details of her enormous quality in the last year and a half.

The Movistar Team continues to underpin the long-term foundations of its women’s sports project and announces this Monday a long-term agreement with Sara Martín (Aranda de Duero, Burgos, ESP; 1999), who will be linked to the telephone team for at least the next three years (2023-25).

An off-roader with enormous potential, the riverine has already shown all the qualities she has inside at the WorldTour level, with top-level performances for the team or individually. She surprised with her good work for Annemiek van Vleuten in the Clásicas de Navarra or San Sebastián 2021; she also contested her first Giro Donne last year, pulling the car in support of Emma Norsgaard during various phases of the race; and she repeated the 2020 CRI runner-up -and added a bronze in the online test- at the 2023 Alicante Nationals (she was 4th this past June in the two tests held in Mallorca).

In this 2022, the consequences of an accident last December -as well as her hard fall in the Vuelta a Burgos the previous year- and two consecutive incidents in the recent Women’s Tour have conditioned her performance, despite which she was able to overcome by moments and leave good performances in races such as Liège -long break-, Andalucía -7th overall, working for the winner Arlenis Sierra- or Navarra.

Sara Martín:

“Continuing with the Movistar Team is giving continuity to the commitment that they have also made for me these two years, and the fact that they give me three more seasons is a great sign of confidence in my own work and in long-term thinking as Project. Being part of a structure with the same culture, with means, everything close by, facilities… encourages you to look to the future, to continue growing and learning.

I am still very young but 2022 was the time to start making decisions, although always step by step, firmly and at the same time calmly. My life has changed a lot these two years when I finished the part of my studies that I was in. Cycling has ceased to be fun and has become my job, which gives you another point of view, perhaps with more demands, but also with more ambition and the desire to continue building myself, to take it more seriously.

It was not an easy start to 2022, starting with the December outrage and continuing with the covid (NdR: it happened at the end of January). The continuation has not been easy either, since when I began to find the rhythm, especially from April-May, other falls followed, like those in Great Britain. It seems that everything comes against you, but at the same time, you learn from all that. You have to know how to get up, see these blows as part of an evolution. In that sense, I want to use the second half of 2022 as a boost, a progress that will help me face this new stage with the team. For all these reasons, I arrive at the last months of the year with more desire and with an important learning already done.

Long-term goals? It is clear that we all want to evolve, take advantage of everything you can acquire -and being three years old is, I insist, the best sign of confidence-. Looking beyond, I would like to be a complete cyclist and, at the same time, increasingly competitive. Manage me better and better and use my strength in all fields to have opportunities in all kinds of scenarios. Hopefully, that growth will lead me in the coming years to be able to be at the start of a Grand Tour, to be able to fight for stages or WorldTour events on any terrain.

Sebastián Unzué: “We have great confidence in all that Sara can offer in the years to come, and that is the main reason why we offered her a three-year contract, that and our desire that she be able to work with peace of mind and reach her full potential. She is someone who in the last year and a half has left details of great quality and we think that, due to her characteristics as a complete rider, she can be a really valuable asset for the team in many areas and situations, both by supporting their leaders and, if Circumstances arise and their progression accompanies, starting to look for their opportunities in the medium-long term. For us it is essential that she maintain the line of work with which she has started her career with the team; She is one of the great assets for the future of Spanish cycling and we are convinced that she can go very far.”