The Meeting of Schools in Unquera leaves three second places for EC Meruelo-Rio Miera


Our youngest cyclists from the EC Meruelo-Rio Miera competed again this weekend. The appointment for Las Escuelas was on Sunday in Unquera, with a good organization from the Western Cycling Club, and in it we got three second places. In promises Mario Arnaiz, in feminine promises Mariana García and in first-year fry Mara Ruiz climbed to the second step of the podium after making some great races.


In the Promises category, Maher Messari from the EDM Torrelavega-Plenitude came first followed by Mario Arnaiz from the EC Meruelo-Rio Miera and Mateo García from the GD Ciclos Moli, while in the Women’s Promises Naia Fernández from the EC Altamira Los Valles crossed the finish line in front Mariana García from EC Meruelo-Rio Miera and Raquel Ruiz from Bicycles Meta-Ayto de Cayón.

Regarding the Beginners of 1º Vega Liaño of the EC Altamira Los Valles was the strongest. Hugo Ventoso from GD Ciclos Moli and Andrea Ruiz from Biciletas Meta-Ayto de Cayón also climbed into the box. In Beginners of 2nd year, Ángel Pellón from GD Ciclos Moli won followed by Víctor Guridi from Camargo-P.C. Sprint and Tomas Bolado from the EDM Torrelavega-Plenitude.

Going up in category, Carlos Quintana del Camargo-P.C. won first-year fry. Sprint, also on the podium Mara Ruiz from EC Meruelo-Rio Miera and Lucas Ventoso from GD Ciclos Moli. Manuel Fernández and Valentina Chico staged a great double for the EDM Torrelavega-Plenitude among the 2nd-ranked fry, finishing in third place Alejandro Diego del Camargo-P.C.Sprint.

Dima Torre from CC Efraín Gutiérrez won among the 1st grade children followed by Borja Merodio from GD Ciclos Moli and Juan Francisco Llera from Corbatas Pindal-Caja Rural Asturiana. In second year children César Quintana del Camargo- P.C. Sprint won. Next came Hugo Rodríguez from the GD Ciclos Moli and Mauro Iglesias from the Torrelavega BTT EDM.

The next Schools meeting will be on Saturday May 28 in Noja. The same day the Futurobike and Open Cántabro will be held in Ramales de la Victoria also for the lower categories but in the specialty of BTT.