Ursa Pintar is the new Slovenian National Champion


Amazing performance by the Alé BTC Ljubljana athletes in the unique Road Race for the National Championships of Slovenia. Ursa Pintar was the winner at the uphill finish after 68 kms in Ambroz Pod Krvavcem, after a long duel with Spela Kern. The two riders have distanced all the rest of the peloton, including two other #YellowFluoOrange cyclists: Urska Zigart took the bronze medal and the 2019 winner Eugenia Bujak arrived 4th, giving the jersey of new champion to her teammate Ursa Pintar, who took her 6th Elite title in career.

The duel between Pintar and Kern has been decided just in the final part of the race and under the rain: the athlete of Alé BTC Ljubljana arrived solo with 14’’ of gap.


1. Ursa PINTAR
2. Spela Kern
3. Urska ZIGART
4. Eugenia BUJAK
5. Blaza Pintaric