The athlete explains the plans of Valcar – Travel & Service, which will also field Persico, Consonni, Baril, Carbonari and Kumiega.

CAGLIARI – «The race of my dreams? The Giro Donne, without a doubt ». It was the beginning of the season and, despite a calendar that included the first races in Spain, the classics of Belgium (including Roubaix) and the highly anticipated Tour de France Femme, Alice Maria Arzuffi had no doubts: the women’s stage race was the his first goal of the season.

Alice, now that we are in Cagliari for the presentation of the teams, have you changed your mind?

“Absolutely no. I couldn’t wait to be here: I have just returned from a two-week retreat at San Pellegrino and I think I’m fine; as are my teammates. In short, we will face this Giro Donne with determination and confidence ».

What Giro will it be?

“Hard. And I’m not just referring to the path. The level of the athletes is incredibly high. We will have to fight every day, starting from the first three stages in Sardinia ».

What pitfalls could they hold?

“The wind is the biggest unknown, so we’ll have to stay in the bell. If there are no surprises, the Giro will be divided into two parts: up to Bergamo space for stage hunters; in the last four stages the classification will be played out ».

So far the analysis of the event. But what can you tell us about Valcar – Travel & Service?

“The plan is to focus on Chiara Consonni for the sprints, which this year proved to be a guarantee. For the general classification, I, Silvia Persico and Olivia Baril are starting on an equal footing; day by day we will compare ourselves to find out who is better off. But, strategies aside, we will race trying to seize every opportunity ».

In addition to Alice Maria Arzuffi and the aforementioned Silvia Persico, Chiara Consonni and Olivia Baril, Davide Arzeni will field the fresh Latvian champion Anastasia Carbonari and the Polish Karolina Kumiega.