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Alison Jackson takes silver in Canada

After a strong, but sometimes also unlucky spring campaign Alison Jackson travelled back to Canada to compete in the national championships time trial and road race.

As defending champion Jackson aimed for another good performance in both championships. Unfortunately the Liv Racing Xstra rider became ill and had to pass for the time trial championships. For a while it was also unsure if she could compete in the road race, but eventually Jackson took the start. However she was not feeling 100% yet.

“It was a pretty bad timing to be sick in the week before the nationals. I was really disappointed to miss the time trial championships. It was the first time since a very long time that my family and friends could see me race. In the road race I tried to make the race hard, but I still wasn`t feeling 100%. I raced with all that I had, but I couldn`t make the race harder. In the final I picked the wrong wheel for the sprint and I had to start too far back. I came back to Maggie Coles-Lyster, but couldn`t pass her anymore. My congratulations to her”, Jackson told after taking the silver medal in the road race.

For the next races we won`t see Jackson racing in the Canadian maple leaf jersey anymore. “I loved wearing that jersey for the last year. I was very proud that I could wear it during the first ever Paris-Roubaix. It was a great year wearing the jersey and I am very proud that I have both titles on my palmares.”


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