Anouska Koster new rider in 2020!


We are more than pleased to announce Anouska Koster, former Dutch Champion, as one of our new riders in the 2020 team! Anouska Koster moves from team Virtu after a successful year. A rider with motivation to win races with the team, a lot of experience and strength.

‘I am really happy and excited to work with this team! A team that have made a really big step in the past years. A great bunch of people, where you can feel the trust and the teamwork. For me thats a big value. I like to share my experience and looking forward to play the game in the races with them!’ says Anouska about her transfer.

The team made big steps the last season especially but as all organizations you have to develop non stop and at different levels. With the strength of Anouska but also the other new riders in the team we can make steps as a team.
Anouska will be a big value in the difficult races, with an eye for breakaways, the power to help teammates and her sprint we could really make steps together! That is what it is all about, we are happy to give Anouska the possibility to achieve her personal goals and make our dreams come true!