Charlotte Kool 2nd in GP Euromat

Today the NXTG Racing team lined up for a race again, the UCI 1.2 GP Euromat in the Belgian town of Schellebelle.  Rozemarijn Ammerlaan, Shari Bossuyt,  Cathelijne Hoolwerf, Charlotte Kool and Mylène de Zoete raced as a team.

The result: Charlotte sprinted to second place! 

The race was as we had expected. It was chaotic. Because of all the turns you really needed to be at the front. Mylène and Shari kept me there almost the entire race.  At the end we all took turns in controlling the race and going along with attacks happening. In the final three laps we stayed together as a unit and they kept me at the front all the time. 

In the final lap Shari did an amazing job by keeping me at the front alongside the dominant Sunweb team: six kilometres long! When Shari finished her job,  Mylène took over for the final two kilometres and dropped me off at the wheel of top favourite Lorena Wiebes. The final turn was a crucial one and I went through it in second place. Getting passed Lorena was too difficult. I am so proud of the team today. They put faith in me and I could reward them with a podium place.