Shari Bossuyt 5th and 7th at European Championships


Shari Bossuyt, Britt Knaven and Julia Borgström took part in the European Championships in Plouay this week. Shari and Britt started the week on Monday with a 25,6 kilometre time trial on an undulating course. Britt unfortunately had a mechanical but Shari secured a fifth place, at 1m34 from winner Hannah Ludwig. 

This race gave me confidence. I felt good that day. It shows that the work I did during that long break pays off.” 

The road race was on Wednesday. The 13,6-kilometre course had to be done eight times making a total 81,6 kilometres. On the course there were three hills with the last one being at two kilometres from the line. Despite the challenging course the peloton had set its sights on a sprint. Shari sprinted to seventh but felt more would have been possible. 

I didn’t think I would be at the front of the race on this challenging course but I could follow the pace well and prepared for the sprint. I was well positioned but got boxed in. A seventh place isn’t all that bad but it could have been even better. Being in the final of today’s race shows the progression I made.” 

Unfortunately Britt had to abandon. Julia Borgström worked for her sprinter Wilma Olausson (who was fifth) and finished 55th herself.

On Friday Shari will race as part of the Belgian team relay, replacing Britt who returned home.

Picture via UEC Cycling