A strong performance in windy individual time trial Healthy Aging Tour


Grant Thornton-Krush Bikes-Tunap Sports has been able to give the good opening stage a great follow-up. In the time trial, the team again had a top ten classification. Daniek Hengeveld moved up to second place in the youth classification thanks to her tenth place.

It was a hectic day, because the start of the time trial was moved a few times due to storm Evert. The decision was also taken to have the time trial run on road bikes. Much was demanded of the organization’s adaptability, for which they deserve compliments. 

All our riders also deserve a compliment for their adaptability and their performance. In the end, Daniek Hengeveld was the fastest of the team with her Krush bike on the flat time trial course on the coast near Lauwersoog. The 18-year-old Hengeveld admitted 1’05 ”to winner Ellen van Dijk, another impressive performance. With this she moved to second place in the youth classification. “It went very well again today. I am very satisfied with this tenth place! ”

The third and last stage will take place on and around the VAM-Berg, with a total of 36 climbs. “That will be a very difficult ride. We are all going to do our very best and then we will see where we end up. ”

10. Daniek Hengeveld
24. Nathalie Eklund
41. Quinty Ton 
53. Clara Lundmark
78. Marissa Baks
87. Melissa van Neck