#BackToBasics: What’s the best time to ride and your pre-ride routine?


Wed 13 May 2020

We’re back with another edition of #BackToBasics, a series of blogs where we strip back to our raw love of riding the bike in celebration of our return to outside training and in countdown to World Bicycle Day.

In Part 2, we asked our riders what the best time to ride is and what is involved in their pre-ride routine:

Annemiek van Vleuten: For sure not too early, but I like to go out in the morning. Sunset rides are also very beautiful I have to say! (sunrise too but that is too early for me for sure).

Pre-ride routine… Breakfast, coffee, and go. 

Kaden Groves: Midday, because the roads are marginally quieter after the get to work/school rush.  It’s also usually the warmest part of the day and I enjoy getting out in the sun.

Pre-ride routine… Coffee first thing in the morning and breakfast before another pre ride coffee.

Alex Konychev: In the summer I really like to get out early in the morning , when everything is still quiet and ride in small roads in the mountains.

Pre-ride routine… Quick stretching session, breakfast, news, get ready and start.

Sarah Roy: I absolutely love watching the sun rise or sun set with friends on bikes in the crisp air but I also absolutely love sleeping in so my favourite time of day to ride is any time after that. 

Pre-ride routine… Grind fresh coffee beans and make a long black with my Aeropress. Microwave some quick oats with sliced banana on the bottom then mix in some almond butter and eat. Usually eat quickly if I’m meeting people, then get dressed and rush out the door. Otherwise, I do 20 minutes of activations after breakfast and then head out on my own. 

Jack Haig: Normally I wouldn’t leave for training until around 10-10:30. But some of my favourite memories have been from either riding super early, which I always hate when I wake up but enjoy afterwards, or late in the evening with the sun setting. 

Pre-ride routine… I always have a coffee and breakfast before leaving for training but I don’t really have a routine. I guess I almost always put my right shoe on first and shoes before my helmet goes on.

Edoardo Affini: I don’t mind to go out at any time during the day. I have been training really early in the morning and also in the evening, but generally I go out around 9.30-10am because I have time to wake up, eat, prepare everything and (if needed) drive closer to the mountains.

Pre-ride routine… Check weather and that the bike is ready, check the training plan one last time to be sure of what I have to do and that I have everything I need for that ride and then just go.

Grace Brown: In the summer I love warm evening rides. The light is so beautiful at the end of the day. 

Pre-ride routine… Bowl of porridge and cup of coffee with the news on the radio and I’m out the door.

Nick Schultz: I rarely set off before 11am. I’m a bit of a night owl and I like to sleep in and take a slow morning. Ultimately, going out for a ride is my job, so I like to ‘clock on’ as if I had a normal job and complete the ride through work hours. This hurts whenever I go back to Australia though as most people have wrapped up their ride come 8am.

Pre-ride routine… When I’m at home in Girona, I almost never set an alarm. But when I do wake up, the first thing I do is get some coffee brewing. I’ll generally read what’s going on in the world over my brew and then get stuck into some breakfast. There’s nothing super specific, so after I have had food, I’ll generally kit up and get out on the bike. 

Brent Bookwalter: All day. I usually begin rides in the late morning just due to life convenience, but can appreciate riding at sun up from sun down, the changing light, temperatures and sites that can be seen at different times of the day.

Pre-ride routine… Pre-ride is a little different than pre training… If I’m simply riding, I just like to wake up, limber up, coffee and breakfast then go.   If training, the routine is a little more involved and business like… nutrition metered and timed and a little more concise physical and mental activation to prepare for the day’s demands.

Lucy Kennedy: This varies depending on where I am and the season. During summer in Australia I love getting out early while it’s really quiet and not too hot. When it’s colder I like to wait until it warms up so I can bask in the midday sun.

Pre-ride routine… Coffee. Big breakfast. Plan the route. Get dressed. Another coffee and probably more food. Ride.

Sam Bewley: Although I don’t often do it, the best time is dusk! To get out for an easy ride for an hour or so in the country roads as the day’s light fades is so peaceful and grounding.

Pre-ride routine… Sleep as close as possible to ride time, then pour two cups of coffee down my throat, a couple eggs on toast and then out the door!

Esteban Chaves: In the mornings is my favourite because the air at the morning outside of this big city feels completely clean. 

Pre-ride routine… Breakfast with two coffees, make my food and bottles and go.

Moniek Tenniglo: In the morning after an easy breakfast. It’s a great way to start the day with a ride and I feel more energetic and productive afterwards.

Pre-ride routine… A easy start of the day with a nice breakfast, and before jumping on the bike cleaning my SCOTT sunnies and Shimano cycling shoes.

Cameron Meyer: In the morning on a summer’s day. To start the day feeling healthy and positive plus stopping for coffee and brunch is the best. 

Pre-ride routine… A good breakfast and coffee.

Jessica Allen: My ideal time to train is in the morning. In Australia I like to ride at sunrise. Firstly, because the weather is so hot in summer but I love also watching the sun rise. Recently I’ve been doing sunset mountain bike rides in Girona and I am loving that. These sunset rides aren’t training for me, it’s enjoying riding my bike at my favourite time of day.

Pre-ride routine… I like to wake up and do a short yoga sequence to wake up my body and activate my muscles.  I will then have overnight oats for breakfast and hit the road.