First professional contract for Daniek Hengeveld with Biehler Krush Pro Cycling


Daniek: “I hope to end up in a team where we make each other stronger.”

Biehler Krush Pro Cycling proudly presents its first reinforcement for the next two seasons: Daniek Hengeveld. She will make her first appearance in the elite platoon in our colours next year.

Welcome Daniek!

“2020 was a crazy season with few moments to show myself as a rider in the peloton,” says Daniek. “Fortunately, Hans Blom and Wim Klement already knew me and they gave me the opportunity to join the team.”

Daniek is no stranger to the track. In 2019 she became European Champion and this year she also won two medals at the European Championship in Italy. But Daniek also wants to further expand her cycling career on the road.

“I’m a guppy again among all the big girls on the team, so I don’t have very high expectations of myself yet. I hope to end up in a team where we make each other stronger and in addition to having fun with each other, drive seriously for the highest possible place. I also want to really experience the fun of cycling again next season, that will make me better. And I am sure that the girls from the team and the staff will play a major role in this. ”