The racing season continues with another Belgian Classic race. Rozemarijn Ammerlaan, Julia Borgström, Cathalijne Hoolwerf, Amelia Sharpe, Catalina Soto Campos and Emily Wadsworth line up for Nokere Koerse, a 1.Pro race on Wednesday.  Although it’s a very young race for the women, this is only the second edition, the race has a long history.  Apart from Cathalijne, who rode in 2019, it will be a new race for the team. 

Catalina previews. 

I think Nokere Koerse will be a really fast race. It will be war of positioning heading onto the circuit. There will be wind too so that has an influence on the race as well. My goal for this race is to work on positioning. I also want to anticipate moves, be at the front, watch and learn what others do. 

I have never done this race before and that makes me excited to try it. I really love racing in Belgium and I want to be comfortable with it. This is a great opportunity to race hard. Whatever happens on the road on Wednesday will be a great experience for the team and for me. 

Unfortunately, Nokere Koerse will not be shown live but Sporza and international broadcaster Eurosport x GCN has a 20-minute summary after the finish of the men’s race.