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Parkhotel Valkenburg makes the last moves for its 2023 line-up

Parkhotel Valkenburg has completed its transfer dealings for 2023 by signing Margot Vanpachtenbeke and Meis Poland. Vanpachtenbeke is new to cycling but won the Women’s Cycling Series, a series held in the Netherlands and Belgium. The 23-year-old was brought to the attention of Parkhotel Valkenburg by the director of the KDM Pack team that she raced for in 2022.

“Last season went surprisingly well, I would not have dared to dream this beforehand. A great opportunity for which I am very grateful. I always really looked up to Parkhotel Valkenburg. A team that likes to attack and takes the initiative.

I still miss a lot of experience. Of the girls how they go through fire for each other, but also of the guidance in the field of tactics and nutrition. In any case, she is really looking forward to it and will be involved in cross duathlon next winter, in which she is the reigning Belgian champion. “It’s a combination of mountain biking and running. Most of all, it’s a lot of fun and I like competition.”

Margot Vanpachtenbeke

The team also confirmed the signing of Meis Poland who comes from the junior ranks. She was 4th in the national championships for juniors this year and Parkhotel Valkenburg spies some future talent. Initially given the option of starting at WV Schijndel, the club team PHV has links to, but instead has joined the main team straight away. She will make her debut in the elite peloton in 2023.

“My father knows Raymond Rol from the past and we soon had a conversation. At first, the option was to go to WV Schijndel, but then Ray offered me that I could just as well start at Parkhotel if I wanted to.

I’ve ridden a few races with the elite women this year and I got on well with that. I mainly hope to be able to race well, but it remains difficult to estimate, because I don’t know what to expect. I’m really happy to be able to ride for this team and I’m really looking forward to it!”

Meis Poland
Femke Gerritse
Femke Gerritse

Parkhotel Valkenburg also confirmed the extension of Femke Gerritse, who spent 5 days wearing the polka dot jersey at the Tour de France Femmes. She has signed for one more year and then may be looking to make the step up to the Women’s WorldTour in 2024.

“I am very happy to extend my contract for one more year as it is the best choice for my development to have another year in this environment. I have already developed a lot the past two years with Parkhotel Valkenburg and I look forward to continuing this next year.”

Femke Gerritse

Parkhotel Valkenburg 2023 Line-up

  • Anne van Rooijen
  • Femke Gerritse
  • Julia van Bokhoven
  • Kirstie van Haaften
  • Laura Molenaar
  • Lieke Nooijen
  • Lisa van Helvoirt
  • Margot Vanpachtenbeke
  • Marith Vanhove
  • Meis Poland
  • Nicole Frain
  • Pien Limpens
  • Quinty Schoens
  • Rosalie van der Wolf
  • Scarlett Souren
  • Sofie van Rooijen