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Tanja Erath 6th in Guilin

The finale of the 2019 UCI Women’s WorldTour was raced today in China. The win went to Chloe Hosking (ALE) with Tanja Erath sprinting to 6th place!!

“The team plan was made up on two possible race scenarios. Either having our climbers in a move on the climbs or if I “survive” the climbs going all in for my sprint.”

“Thanks to the good work of the girls, especially by Christa and Rotem, who covered all the attacks in the first half of the race, I was quite relaxed going into the climb. Christa stayed with me on the climb, we only had a small gap to the front group going over the top and were able to chase back in the decent. Back in the front I still felt good, so we decided to lead me out in the final.”

“The final was quite hectic since it started to rain, so the vision wasn’t really good and the roads here are pretty slippery, due to a lot of oil. We made our way to the front with 4km to go as planned, and I stayed on the wheel of my lead out train.”

“With around 2km to go the pace increased and I jumped on the wheel of Vos to stay in the front. Then Hannah Ludwig led me into the perfect position for the last corner with 350m to go. I could take the last corner on the outside and was able to take a lot of speed with me. I felt like I was in the perfect position, when (Arlenis) Sierra’s wheel slipped and she just crossed over in front of me to save it. I did the worst thing and braked, so then I needed to pick up the pace again which meant that I didn’t have enough to overtake the others anymore.”

“Actually, I am super happy on the one hand, but after the girls did such a great job, I really wanted to finish in a podium position. But looking at the difference between China last year to China this year for me and the names ahead of me, I should see my progress and should really be happy with it. I guess I might be…maybe tonight or tomorrow :)”


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