#BackToBasics: What’s the best thing about riding your bike?


Sun 10 May 2020

After a number of months in confinement the majority of our riders were permitted to ride outside by their relevant governments this week.  

The celebrate their return to the road, and in the leadup to World Bicycle Day on June 3, we are stripping it back, going #BackToBasics, and remembering all the reasons why we love to ride our bikes, racing or otherwise.

In Part 1, we asked our riders what the best thing about riding their bike is: 

Sam Bewley: It’s probably taken me a seven week lockdown to realise that it is just the freedom you get from it. The places it can take you and the things you can see. It’s a sport or an activity that is so good for the soul! 

Jack Haig: The freedom and exploration of a new place, for me this is my favourite thing. I think the bike is the perfect way to see a new place, you go fast enough to cover a lot of distance but slow enough to take everything in, hear and smell the surroundings.

Annemiek van Vleuten: To see a lot of our beautiful planet and meet all kinds of different people from different countries and cultures. 

Esteban Chaves: The freedom I can feel.

Luka Mezgec: Freedom, in the way of self-efficiency. 

Sarah Roy: It’s hard to choose just one thing but it would have to be the overall wellbeing it brings.

Nick Schultz: That’s a hard question. There are a lot of great things, but I think freedom is probably the best one. When you are out riding feeling the fresh air, you can really just let go and kind of become one with the bike. The competitive side of things is what keeps things exciting though!

Brent Bookwalter: Feeling alive, feeling freedom, living adventure 

Grace Brown: I love getting out and exploring quiet roads in the Australian bush.

Alex Konychev: The best thing is the feeling when you pass the line and you have just won a race.

Cam Meyer: The freedom to travel distances in the outdoors. 

Lucy Kennedy: Freedom, speed, wind on your face, and that it allows you to explore new places.

Kaden Groves: Freedom to go places and you see a lot more than other sports. 

Moniek Tenniglo: Riding my bike means for me a sense of freedom. It’s a great way to spend time outside, getting fresh air, feel the sunshine, explore new places and feel healthy. 

The consensus…
Riding your bike = Freedom