Tour de France Virtual Reactions


Stage 1 (4th June)

Speaking after the race Susanne Andersen said: “I think it definitely lived up to the expectation of being really hard from the start. It was my first ever virtual race and I kind of enjoyed it through all the suffering and it was nice to feel some race nerves again.”

Nikias Arndt explained: “From the start it was full gas. I suffered for 20 minutes in the first group but I had to let go. I found a nice group and we just rode to the finish line. It was a nice experience and completely different to a normal road race.”

Stage 2 (5th June)

“Surprised! I’m happy with the outcome today, I did my best. I’m happy with how I played it and played the game.” Anna Henderson on her ninth place finish.

Stage 3 (11th July)

Speaking after the sprint finish where she was our first rider home, Pernille Mathiesen said: “It was a hard one today. We had good numbers in the front which was nice but we’re still learning how and when to use all of the power ups in the game.”

Stage 4 (12th July)

Finishing in a very close and great second place, Anna Henderson said: “We were definitely in a better place today – we had more knowledge. We had some good teamwork and a good lead out from Liane at the end!”

“It was good fun pinning on a number again. It was nice to do something competitive again and with us at our team altitude camp I’m happy to not have completely destroyed myself!” explained Chris Hamilton after the race.