Roy & Brown lead Team BikeExchange women at GP Oetingen & Danilith Nokere Koerse


Team BikeExchange returned to Belgium this week for a training and recon block which includes two races, GP Oetingen and Danilith Nokere Koerse, with Australian champion Sarah Roy and 2020 Brabantse Pijl winner Grace Brown set to lead the two mixed team line-ups.

The first race, GP Oetingen on Sunday, 14th March is a new women’s race added to the calendar and Team BikeExchange will line-up with seven riders looking to make the most of this racing opportunity with Jess Roberts and new 2021 signing Urska Zigart making their first racing appearance of the season.

Next week’s Danilith Nokere Koerse takes place on Wednesday, 17th March, with fresh Team BikeExchange riders coming in to give the Australian outfit multiple options to test themselves ahead of the next main Belgian Classic goals.

Team BikeExchange Women at GP Oetingen:
Jess Allen (AUS)
Teniel Campbell (TTB)
Janneke Ensing (NED)
Jess Roberts (GBR)
Sarah Roy (AUS)
Moniek Tenniglo (NED)
Urska Zigart (SLO)

Team BikeExchange Women at Danilith Nokere Koerse:
Jess Allen (AUS)
Grace Brown (AUS)
Arianna Fidanza (ITA)
Jess Roberts (GBR)
Sarah Roy (AUS)
Amanda Spratt (AUS)

Sarah Roy
“I’m really looking forward to racing on Sunday and Wednesday in Belgium. It will be great to line-up with some new teammates in Urska, Teniel and Arianna and to have Jess Roberts, Moniek and Janneke back in the group will be good too. 

“These races are a great opportunity for us to figure out how best to work with each other communication wise as well as how to best use each of our strengths on the road, so we can be a really solid team going into future racing together. 

“Nieuwsblad was disappointing from me. I think I left my race brain in Australia but I feel that my form is building now, I’ve had some really solid training days since Nieuwsblad and a bit of cobble recon recently in Belgium as well so hoping for some better days coming up. 

“I think every race is expected to be kind of brutal. These Belgium races are intense with the conditions alone but with the strength and depth of the peloton ever growing, plus the courageous style of racing. I’m expecting to be hurting out there! We will have to, as my coach says, ‘embrace the brutality’.”

Martin Vestby – Sport Director 
“We expect Roy and Brown to be in form and handles these races, they have had the first Belgium race in the legs with Nieuwsblad and we are getting closer to the big goals, so I expect them to be able to compete well and we want them to be aggressive and really race it.

“We also want a couple of the new younger girls to have opportunities as well and not just block the team with one sole leader, so it will be a good couple of races for us to have a go.
“The first race is new, and it should be a good race, it is 10laps of 12km but with cobbles and a small climb in there so it can be quite interesting. There should be quite a good level of racing with around five big WorldTour teams in both races.”

Race Details:
Sunday, 14th March: GP Oetingen
Wednesday, 17th March: Danilith Nokere Koerse

Photo courtesy of Getty Images