A quick preview look at the Argenta Classic 2024

The 2024 Argenta Classic is the 3rd edition of the race centred on Ekeren and Deurne in northern Belgium. Located just east and north of the city of Antwerp, it’s a return to Belgian racing after a month’s break. The final part of the Belgian women’s cycling calendar will come thick and fast with 10 more races after this one taking us to October and the season end. The parcours doesn’t offer much to anyone looking to avoid a sprint. Almost as flat as can be, the wind is more likely to play a factor than any road gradients.

Last year saw Lieke Nooijen launch a really long sprint which surprised the other riders and she was able to hold it all the way to the finish line. It was her first pro victory, coming almost 4 years after standing on the podium of the Junior Worlds in Harrogate. On paper, there were no surprises the year before either, where Daria Pikulik, then riding for ATOM Deweloper, won a sprint but a front 4 had managed to just get away from the rest of the bunch with a gap of under 30 seconds. The only way we’re likely to see riders go clear is in tough conditions and tomorrow’s forecast might offer that. Rain is likely during the race and winds of around 12mph or 20km/h will be around. There are plenty of twists and turns on the course, so each one will become a challenge if the roads become slick.

Last year’s race became infamous for other reasons as well. Cynisca Cycling needed 5 riders to compete but only had 4 available on the morning of the race. So the DS working with the team at the time (but no longer) got one of the team mechanics to wear the team kit and sign on as the original 5th rider. When this was found out, the team were fined and suspended a race as a result. The DS involved was banned from all cycling until December 2025 as per the UCI decision.

Lieke Nooijen 2023 Argenta Classic
Lieke Nooijen on the 2023 Argenta Classic podium with Julie Hendrickx and Millie Couzens

Which teams are racing at Argenta Classic 2024?

  • VolkerWessels
  • Team Buffaz Gestion de Patrimoine
  • Human Powered Health
  • De Ceuster-Acrog
  • UAE Team ADQ
  • CyclingTeam Belco/Van Eyck
  • KDM-Pack
  • Maxx-Solar Rose
  • Proximus-Cyclis CT
  • ASD Women Cycling Project
  • Team Dukla Praha
  • Baloise WB Ladies
  • Fenix-Deceuninck
  • AG Insurance-NXTG
  • Lifeplus Wahoo
  • Torelli
  • Team Coop-Repsol
  • Liv-AlUla-Jayco
  • Chevalmeire
  • Primeau Velo-Groupe Abadie
  • Ceratizit WNT

What does the Argenta Classic route profile look like?

Where can I watch the Argenta Classic 2024 race?

There will be a live stream of 2024’s race after a first live edition was made in 2023.

I’m expecting it to be available on the MotoMediaTeam Youtube from 2pm BST but don’t have the exact link available yet

This year’s Argenta Classic will be live-streamed on the ATV website from 3pm CEST/2pm BST

(may need to right click on the video below, select Show all Controls and then press play)

Who are the main riders to watch?

  • Scarlett Souren
  • Quinty Schoens
  • Valerie Demey
  • Daria Pikulik
  • Yulia Biriukova
  • Alice Wood
  • Elisabeth Ebras
  • Lara Gillespie
  • Anastasia Carbonari
  • Barbora Nemcova
  • Flora Perkins
  • Fien Van Eynde
  • Julie Sap
  • Marion Norbert Riberolle
  • Leonie Bentveld
  • Kaja Rysz
  • Kristyna Burlova
  • Karin Soderqvist
  • Babette van der Wolf
  • Heidi Franz
  • Eline van Rooijen
  • Camilla Ranes Bye
  • Teniel Campbell
  • Quinty Ton
  • Emma Jeffers
  • Emily Watts
  • Danique Braam


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