Liv Racing TeqFind 2023 Roster Preview

Quinty Ton

2022 Season Summary

2022 was an ok season for Liv Racing Xstra (as was). Rachele Barbieri stepped back into full-time racing and gave the team 2 wins before the end of May at Bloeizone Fyslan and Omloop der Kempen. She came close to a major victory at the Giro Donne and Tour de France Femmes but the likes of Vos and Wiebes were too strong. A bronze medal in the European Championships was a strong result too. Alison Jackson was always a potential threat but the cards didn’t fall quite as well as other seasons when it came to wins. She was a consistent presence at the front of races for the team though. If Barbieri wasn’t sprinting then Neumanova was and she came close to a breakthrough result. The Czech is going to have her day soon though.

Thalita de Jong’s best results in 2022 came before she officially joined the team. Winner of Ronde de Mouscron whilst at JEGG-DJR waiting for her transfer to go through on June 1st, De Jong seemed to not be at her peak performance after then. Possibly the biggest disappointment of the season was Amber van der Hulst. She had been signed from Parkhotel Valkenburg after a strong 2021 that had made her one of the best young one-day racers. It wasn’t her fault however as she was racing with an undiagnosed blockage in her femoral artery. Hopefully, off-season surgery will sort that out for 2023.

2022 World Ranking: 13th
2022 WorldTour Ranking: 11th

2023 Transfers In

  • Caroline Andersson
  • Mavi Garcia

2023 Transfers Out

  • Alison Jackson

Star Riders

Riders to Watch in 2023

Mavi Garcia is the obvious one, she’s the team’s first genuine GC threat since the team lost the CCC funding after 2020. I’m expecting to see the Liv Racing TeqFind jersey a lot more in 2023 as a result. Rachele Barbieri had a great first road season since 2019 at BePink. With her on the team, they will always be a team to watch at the end of races. I would love to see Thalita de Jong able to recreate some of the form that got her signed to the team last season. With Jackson gone, she may become a solid threat in the spring classics. A fit again Amber van der Hulst would be nice to see. She struggled with injury during 2022 which was a bump back to earth after a stellar 2021 year.

Valerie Demey can be a sneaky good racer on her day. Finishing 3rd at Vårgårda WestSweden last season shows what she can do on the right day. I’d love to see Tereza Neumanova get some more opportunities too. The Czech rider was 2nd on the first Vuelta a Burgos stage in 2022 and can be a good sprinting foil to Barbieri in 2023.

Transfer Thoughts

Liv Racing TeqFind didn’t do too much recruitment but the signing of Mavi Garcia is a big boost. She was kinda forced out of UAE Team ADQ after their influx of former Valcar riders but she’s managed to find a spot with undisputed GC leadership still. The team needs to just keep one eye over its shoulder when it comes to scoring enough points to remain in the WWT. A strong set of results in Spain month from Garcia could put that to bed early on and strong Giro Donne and Tour de France Femmes performances should see them home. Caroline Andersson was the team’s only other signing for the 2023 season. The young Swede has shown potential in one-day races and will fit in amongst the similar bit-and-pieces type riders on the squad.

Losing Alison Jackson is a blow to the team on many levels as their 2nd highest scorer in 2022. With the emergence of Barbieri, sprint opportunities were getting fewer and fewer and Jackson almost became too good to use in an attacking way.

2023 Full Roster

  • Caroline Andersson
  • Rachele Barbieri
  • Eva Buurman
  • Thalita de Jong
  • Valerie Demey
  • Mavi Garcia
  • Marta Jaskulska
  • Jeanne Korevaar
  • Ayesha McGowan
  • Tereza Neumanova
  • Katia Ragusa
  • Silke Smulders
  • Sabrina Stultiens
  • Quinty Ton
  • Amber van der Hulst