Pro Cyclist FTPs 2022

During Covid lockdown in 2020, I wondered what FTPs pro cyclists were putting out. With everyone stuck indoors, Zwift became super popular and a whole new way to check rider data was available. Once the pros started doing races on Zwift, you could see their FTP on the Zwiftpower site. Not only their FTP but also their race weight too. An idea was born to write a post detailing the numbers I could find and it turned into one of my most popular posts on ProCyclingUK. Almost 2 years to the date of the first lockdown, it’s time to revisit and update the pro cyclist FTPs.

What is FTP?

FTP is the acronym for Functional Threshold Power. In theory, this is the max power that you can sustain for an hour’s riding. Once you know this number, it’s then used to set your training zones and help you gauge your riding efforts.

FTP can only be measured using a power meter (or a turbo trainer that reports power), it’s not something that you can use a heart rate monitor for. Because it comes from a power meter reading, the FTP is measured in watts.

There are a few different ways to calculate your FTP. The classic one involves riding for 20 minutes and multiplying the average power by 0.95. This saves riders having to devote an hour’s time to the test and gives fairly accurate numbers. There is a little bit more to it than that but that’s the simple version!

More recently the Ramp Test has found favour. With this test, the wattage to sustain gets harder and harder across a set of intervals. Once you can’t sustain the required wattage, you’ve maxed out and it’s time to do some maths. Luckily there are calculators out there to do it for you.

For pro cyclists, knowing their FTP helps them to work out what effort they can sustain on long climbs. The running joke of Team Sky/Ineos looking at their power numbers all the time during the Tour de France comes from knowing their FTP number. It’s also great for time trials where an individual effort needs to be sustained over a set distance.

How does an amateur FTP compared to pro cyclists?

Thanks to the tiered power chart provided by Andrew Coggan, we can see the sorts of numbers required to be at certain levels of the US category racing system – in the UK, we have no Cat 5.

This chart requires riders to have completed efforts at the listed interval times. The average watts of those efforts are then divided by the rider’s weight to give a w/kg figure.

So for instance, my FTP at the moment is 302 and I weighed 91kg when I set it. My figure for the FT column is therefore 3.31. This puts me in the middle-upper range of the Moderate tier. As you can see, I’m a long way off being able to turn pro!

For British riders looking at this chart, Cat 5 is an American introductory racing category and can be interpreted as an extension of Cat 4.

This is only one way of reading this chart and whilst people obsess about where their FTP fits on it actually we should look across the board. Where a rider’s w/kg sits for each interval helps to create a rider power profile. It’s possible for a strong sprinter to have reached Cat 1 without a FTP Cat 1 FTP value on this chart because their 5-second interval value is so high. The same applies to puncheurs who might have a high 1 minute or 5 minutes value but a lower FTP.

My own values on this chart are low 5s, middling 1m, high 5m and a middling-high FTP. This puts me somewhere between the pursuiter and time-triallist rider profiles.

The original post on power profiling on TrainingPeaks can be found here.

What FTPs do pro cyclists have?

So I’m going to add a caveat here. Some of these figures have been ‘reverse engineered’ from other data, some come directly from actual data and some count slightly as hearsay.

A lot of the figures come directly from what riders have entered into their own Strava accounts. This applies to the weight figure too in most cases. What I can’t guarantee however is when the FTP figure was updated or when the weight figure was updated. I can’t even be sure if they were updated at the same time. What I can guarantee is that someone with access to the rider’s Strava account has entered the figures.

I thought about listing the tables by w/kg but decided to list them by outright FTP numbers instead. It’s time to give the rouleurs with high power some credit!

FTPs are often closely guarded secrets for top riders. So just like the salaries listed here, take the numbers with a pinch of salt but this is a decent guide nonetheless.

Men’s Pro Peloton FTP List

NameTeamFTP (w)Weight (kg)W/KGYear
Ben WolfeRetired440825.372022
Magnus BackstedtUK Youth Cycling486955.122012
Connor DunneAqua Blue470885.342017
Florian VermeerschLotto Soudal460825.612022
Mathieu van der PoelAlpecin-Fenix454756.052022
Tobias LudvigssonGroupama-FDJ445755.932022
Daniel OssTotalEnergies445785.712022
Bradley WigginsTeam Sky440835.302015
Will ClarkeRetired438805.482022
Tom DumoulinGiant-Alpecin431696.252015
Ben SwiftIneos Grenadiers430706.142022
Gabriel CullaighSaint Piran430805.362022
Alexander KristoffIntermarché-Wanty430815.312022
Ryan MullenBora Hansgrohe430825.242022
Bruno ArmirailGroupama-FDJ428706.112022
Tejay van GarderenBMC425725.902018
Michal KwiatkowskiIneos Grenadiers420686.182020
Michael ValgrenEF Education First420725.832022
Mads Wurtz SchmidtIsrael-Premier Tech417696.042022
Oliver NaesenAG2R Citroen415735.682022
Dimitri ClaeysIntermarché-Wanty412775.352022
Jens VoigtTrek412785.282014
Robert GesinkLotto NL-Jumbo410705.862015
Sebastian ReichenbachGroupama-FDJ410646.412022
Alessandro De MarchiIsrael-Premier Tech409666.202022
Lukasz WisniowskiEF Education First409785.242022
Mikael CherelAG2R Citroen404656.212022
Matteo Dal-CinToronto Hustle400805.002022
Connor SwiftArkea Samsic400775.192022
Tim DeclercqQuickstep Alpha Vinyl400785.132022
Stijn SteelsQuickstep Alpha Vinyl400785.132022
Alex DowsettIsrael-Premier Tech400795.062022
Dorian GodonAG2R Citroen400735.482022
Greg van AvermaetAG2R Citroen400755.332022
Kevin VermaerkeTeam DSM400675.972022
Brandon McNultyUAE Emirates400695.802022
Neilson PowlessEF Education First400666.062022
Matej MohoricBahrain Victorious400715.632022
Owain DoullEF Education First398725.532022
Reinardt Janse van Rensburg?396755.282022
Dylan SunderlandGlobal 6395656.082022
Ben O’ConnorAG2R Citroen395675.912022
Luka MezgecBikeExchange-Jayco395755.272022
Victor CampenaertsLotto Soudal394695.712022
Michael MatthewsBikeExchange-Jayco393705.612022
Heinrich HausslerBahrain-McLaren391725.432020
Lennard HofstedeJumbo-Visma390705.572020
Valentin MadouasGroupama-FDJ390715.492022
Scott ThwaitesAlpecin-Fenix390705.572022
Adam de VosHuman Powered Health390705.572022
Attila ValterGroupama-FDJ390665.912022
Nils PolittBora Hansgrohe390804.882022
Angel MadrazoBurgos BH389616.382022
Guillaume BoivinIsrael Start-Up Nation388804.852020
Sam WelsfordTeam DSM387804.842022
Mark DonovanTeam DSM385665.832022
Damien TouzeAG2R Citroen385685.662022
Dan BighamIneos (Staff)385735.272022
Tom van AsbroeckIsrael-Premier Tech384725.332022
Egan BernalIneos Genadiers383596.502020
Sepp KussJumbo-Visma383616.282022
Jasha SutterlinBahrain Victorious382824.662022
Ben KingHuman Powered Health380695.742022
Sacha ModoloBardiani380695.512022
Grega BoleShabab Al Ahli380685.592022
Travis McCabeIsrael-Premier Tech380705.432022
Sacha ModoloBardiani380695.512022
Nans PetersAG2R Citroen379705.412022
Willie SmitChina Glory379764.992022
James ShawEF Education First378655.822022
Lluis MasMovistar376705.372022
Chris HamiltonTeam DSM375645.862022
Mike TeunissenJumbo-Visma375725.212022
Dion SmithBikeExchange-Jayco375675.602022
Dan McLayArkea Samsic372774.832022
Nils EekhofTeam DSM370754.932022
Geoffrey SoupeTotalEnergies365725.072022
Timothy DupontBingoal Pauwels Sauces363715.112022
Tosh van der SandeJumbo-Visma361645.642022
Simon GeschkeCofidis360635.712022
Juan Antonio FlechaVacansoleil360725.002013
Emils LiepinsTrek360685.292022
Lucas ErikssonRiwal Cycling359645.612022
Rigoberto UranEF Education First354615.802022
George BennettUAE Emirates350586.032022
Lewis AskeyGroupama-FDJ348605.802022
Lachlan MortonEF Education First330635.242022
Mathieu BurgaudeauTotalEnergies326595.532022
Justin WilliamsL39ION325833.922022
Jacob TipperRibble Weldtite330784.232022
Romain HardyArkea Samsic320625.162022
Jetse BolBurgos BH320704.572022
Kenny De KeteleRetired318724.422022
Cory WilliamsL39ION315654.922022
Clement VenturiniAG2R Citroen302605.032022

Lizzy Banks

Women’s Pro Peloton FTP List

RiderTeamFTP (w)Weight (kg)W/KGYear
Ilaria SanguinetiValcar340605.672022
Kristen FaulknerBikeExchange-Jayco323625.212020
Teniel CampbellBikeExchange-Jayco317664.802022
Chloé DygertCanyon SRAM316664.792022
Lizzy BanksEF Education-TIBCO311625.022022
Leah DixonBianchi HUNT Morvelo306615.022022
Evelyn StevensBoels-Dolmans305555.552016
Laura VainionpääS-Bikes303614.972022
Romy KasperJumbo-Visma301595.102022
Eugenia BujakUAE Team ADQ298614.892022
Abi SmithEF Education First-TIBCO295644.612022
Aurela NerloMassi-Tactic295664.472022
Joss LowdenUno-X293555.332022
Emily NewsomEF Education First-TIBCO290614.752022
Julie LethUNO-X290684.262022
Ella HarrisCanyon SRAM285604.752022
Letizia BorghesiEF Education First-TIBCO285624.602022
Anna HendersonJumbo-Visma285584.912022
Lauren StephensEF Education First-TIBCO282584.862022
Brodie ChapmanFDJ281??2022
Emily MeakinAWOL O’Shea280674.182022
Lily WilliamsHuman Powered Health280684.122022
Liane LippertTeam DSM278555.052022
Maelle GrosseteteFDJ278644.342022
Shayna PowlessL39ION278634.412022
Zoe BackstedtTormans277703.962022
Lucinda BrandTrek-Segafredo276584.762022
Nicole FrainRoxsolt Attaquer276555.022022
Sheyla GutierrezMovistar275604.582022
Emilia FahlinFDJ274604.572022
Lisa BrennauerCeratizit WNT274654.222022
Nina KesslerTeam BikeExchange-Jayco272604.532022
Martina AlziniCofidis271634.302022
April TaceyLe Col-Wahoo270624.362022
Hayley SImmondsCAMS Basso270604.502022
Shirin van AnrooijTrek-Segafredo270??2022
Loes AdegeestIBCT269574.722022
Elise ChabbeyCanyon SRAM268564.792022
Sarah GiganteMovistar268525.152022
Teuntje BeekhuisJumvo-Visma266584.592022
Ashleigh Moolman-PasioSD Worx264495.392022
Sandra AlonsoCeratizit WNT263??2022
Maud OudemanCanyon SRAM262604.372022
Elisa BalsamoTrek-Segafredo261584.502022
Juliette LabousTeam DSM260554.732022
Lily WilliamsHuman Powered Health259653.982022
Abby-Mae ParkinsonLotto Soudal258554.692022
Christa RiffelCoop-Hitec257644.012022
Clara KoppenburgHuman Powered Health255505.102022
Krista Doebel-HickokEF Education First-TIBCO254505.082022
Cassia BoglioNXTG by Experza253544.692022
Hannah LudwigUno-X252574.422022
Heidi FranzInstafund252524.852022
Olivia BarilValcar247564.412022
Floortje MackaijTeam DSM247??2022
Clara HonsingerEF Education First-TIBCO246574.302022
Amelia SharpeNXTG by Experza246633.902022
Karol-Ann CanuelRetired242??2022
Alexis RyanL39ION239584.122022
Peta MullensRoxsolt Attaquer238584.102022
Marta JaskulskaLiv Racing Xstra238524.582022
Justine BarrowRoxsolt Attaquer236484.922022
Belén LópezMassi-Tactic235544.352022
Maria MartinsLe Col-Wahoo235633.732022
Urska ZigartTeam BikeExchange-Jayco235494.802022
Elinor BarkerUno-X234554.252022
Tatiana GuderzoTop Girls Fassa Bortolo234554.252022
Lara VieceliCeratizit WNT233564.162022
Emile MobergLe Col-Wahoo229554.162022
Puck MoonenJan van Arckel229564.092022
Amandine FouquenetArkea227613.722022
Jess AllenBikeExchange-Jayco227554.132022
Lourdes OyarbideMovistar225514.412022
Stella TeddergreenTeam Illuminate225524.332022
Makayla MacphersonHuman Powered Health225??2022
Jade WielFDJ222504.442022
Josie NelsonCoop-Hitec Products221583.812022
Nina BuijsmanHuman Powered Health217534.092022
Sandra LevenezCofidis216454.802022
Kaia SchmidHuman Powered Health214543.962022
Ayesha McGowanLiv Racing Xstra211573.702022
Laura AsencioCeratizit WNT205474.362022
Coryn RiveraJumbo-Visma204484.252022
Mieke DocxLotto Soudal200494.042022
Magdeleine VallieresEF Education First-TIBCO178533.362022

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